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Design for Manufacturing and Test Services

Our commitment to quality manufacturing is what makes us who we are – transforming your ideas into products.

We achieve this through our design for test (DFT) and design for manufacturability (DFM) manufacturing processes.

At ETG-Opto, DFM and DFT are continuous activities that follow
your product through the development and production stages.

We do understand your need for delivery of a quality product.

Utilizing our broad experiences across a variety of products, and extensive knowledge of latest manufacturing methodologies, We works closely with customers from the earliest stages of design to ensure optimal manufacturing and assembly processes can be implemented.

Prior to the volume production of your product, our team of engineers will inspect and validate that no manufacturing defects will adversely affect the product’s correct functioning. Tests are applied at several steps in the design life cycle.

During the design process, DFM assessments are completed to identify potential issues that may impact product cost, quality and delivery.
Ours manufacturing engineering team will recommend necessary design enhancements in order to optimize all the manufacturing functions such as fabrication, assembly, test, procurement, and shipping.

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